Yujie Cao


A transboundary artist & curator

A director of indie film & experimental performance

A transboundary artist & curator, director of indie film and experimental performance. Master graduated at CSM, UAL. 

Yujie’s core focuses on topics such as gender relations, medical diseases and data discipline, she attempts to explore the variant state of identity politics behind hybrid-body.

Her work attempts to integrate multiple mediums to explore the experimental relationship between body performance, visual medium and scientific materials. Her current work involves cross-media theatre, integrated installations, photography, experimental shorts, and fashion video.




University of the arts London, London, UK                                                                                                                          2019-2021

Master of Fine art, Performance design and practice

Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China                                                                                                                    2015-2019

Bachelor of Arts, The theory of Fine Arts


Film festival

Awards: 4th Oz Independent Film Festival(unit of dance film)

Nominations: 6th Best Independent Film Award in Japan, 7th Oregon Short Film Festival

Finalists: 9th Athens International Digital Film Festival, 4th Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Fringe! Queer Festival

Semi-finalists: 5th London International Motion picture Awards, Shanghai Pride Film Festival

Performance theatre

2021/06, Physical Theatre "Rooms", Stage designer, Michaelis Theatre, London

2020/11, Trans-media Immersive Theater "ID: F", Chief Director, JIN Space, Nanjing

2020/09, Immersive Physical Theatre"The room between her and her 2.0", Chief Director & Stage designer, Guling Road Art Space, Nanjing

2020/07, Community Theatre "Re-visit Zhabei Park", Performer, McaM, Shanghai

2020/04, Multi-media Dance"Null Hypothesis", Dramaturge, Studio Theatre, London

2019/12, Experimental Physical Theatre, "The room between her and her 1.0", Co-director & Stage designer, White Lab, London

2019/10, Trans-media Physical Theatre, "Containment | Disease", Co-director & Image designer & Dancer, White Lab, London

2018/10, Live Performance"Persona", Chief director, Sanniaocang art space, Nanjing

2017/09, Experimental Theatre "Belief Body", Performer, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing

2017/03, Dai Chenlian "Looking Back with a Smile", Performer, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing

Art exhibition

2021/10, “Orange-red variable”, Curator & Artist, Himalaya Museum, Shanghai

2021/08, “The law of alchemy: Philosophers of stone and the four elements”, Artist, Three shadows photography art space, Beijing 

2021/07,"INSEDE/OUT", Artist,CINEMQ x All Club, Shanghai

2021/01, "Escape from No. 188", Artist, Boyixin Space, Shanghai

2020/12, “MAO” Art Festival, artist, DaWuDing Culture, Nanjing

2020/11, Experimento Bio, Artist, Spain

2018/09, "Movement in Trouble", Creator of video installation, Art Museum/School of Design, Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing

2018/08, “De?Masking” Experimental Theater, Curator & Artist, Beihe Body Theater, Nanjing


2021/10, Labelhood Pioneer Fashion & Art festival, Photographer, Labelhood x Youtopia x Deepmoss, Shanghai

2021/10, Promotional video for costume brand Lisa Chino , director/cinematographer, Lisa Chino, Shanghai

2021/07, Physical performance "CYBERSAPIENS", cinematographer, PEARLONA COMMON ROOM x AAIS, Shanghai

2021/06, promotional video "Harry Winston x Xiaowen Ju", Director& Cinematographer, Magzine "iWeekly", Shanghai

2021/05, Band <Mandarin>'s video, Post-editor, Numéro China fashion magazine, Shanghai

2021/03, Experimental performance video "iD: F", Dramaturge&Direoctor& cinematographer, Made in 295, Nanjing

2020/09, <Ten Girls> Cover's video, Cinematographer, Numéro China fashion magazine, Shanghai

2020/09, Dance video "Sticky", Cinematographer, Tonglu

2020/02, Experimental dacen video "The room beween her and her", Director/Cinematographer, Made in 295, London


2021/11, The performativity and dynamic of theatricalised space, Writer, DoPaMine Art-Tech, Shanghai

2021/10,The medium space in “scroll film”, Writer, Museum of Wu, SuZhou

2021/07,Extension, hybridization and internet terminal: post-human body presentation in contemporary performance, Writer, CSM of UAL, London

2019/07,Cultural hybridization in dance, Writer, London 

2019/05,A study on the viewing Angle of Cindy Sherman's cross-dressing selfie photography, Writer, Nanjing

2018/06, Involved in the "watching" of social environment, the multiple construction of artist's identity, Writer, N Vision, Nanjing