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Bulimia chip

Image installation, 2021

It is a spin-off of my photography series work Anxious Body in 2018. In Anxious Body, I examine the relationship between the male gaze and women's social status through the dramatic combination of the female body and raw and cooked food, using binge eating as a starting point for my own eating disorder.

Bulimia Chip re-simulates the viewing experience of bulimic patients during their return visit in a medical setting, aiming to review the visual control relationship of female body in society by analogy with the power of doctor-patient relationship. Based on the doctor's perspective, the combination of x-rays and LED light becomes a rationalized diagnostic vision machine, with the negative image absorbed on the top of the LED light disguised as a medical slice of the body.

With the dissolution and precipitation of fluoxetine hydrochloride on the surface of LED viewing lamp, the body of overeating consumes itself and corrode itself in the pathological picture.

Bulimia Chip: Bio
Bulimia Chip: Pro Gallery
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