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Yujie Cao


A transboundary artist & curator

A director of indie film and experimental performance

I pay special attention to gender(include LGBTQ), intimate relationships and medical diseases, as well as subculture-related topics, with the mental consciousness of individuals or groups in a state of alienation or disorder as the clue, to explore the relationship between personal identity and social cultural symbols. 

In terms of visual expression, I am used to build aesthetic language on the basis of surrealistic classical oil paintings and contemporary fragmented film. And I also use the visual presentation of scientific and technological data in other fields or the materiality of materials to metonymy the viewing mode of common vision, such as materials science and biomedical electronics.

I also focus on the relationship between image, space and body and explore the experimental relationship between vision and multiple media on how to transform each other to construct the visible space of self-awareness. The current mediums of works involve experimental performance, photography, short film and image installation so on.

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