The room between             her and her

2020, London

Physical theatre / Screen dance

With abstract physical expressions and non-linear narrative experimental moving images, the dance screen presents the emotional processing of two female with different personalities between intimate relationships. In this airtight room, toys and animations played on monitors metaphor their distinct childhood experiences. The film explores the subconscious influences of childhood memories on intimate relationships through the parallel and intersected spatial relationship between the past and reality.

The room between her and her
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Scripwriter / Director | Yujie Cao
Producer | Haowen Shi, Yujie Cao
Cinemaphotographer | Yujie Cao
Choreographer | Haowen Shi
Actor / Dancer | Haowen Shi, Xinyuan Li
Set designer | Yujie Cao
Sound designer | Junru Tao
Animation designer | Su Jin
Editor / Coloist | Yujie Cao
Site assistant | Hai Lu