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iD: F

2020, Nanjing

Trans-media sci-fi performance / Experimental short film

In a time-space based on algorithms domination, virtual environment and hedonic economy, young F was forced to accept the bet of AI. Under the temptation of the system voice "monitoring style", he went through the tests of desire in the multiple Spaces of "simulacra garden", "happy cloud" and "mirror cocoon", and gradually approached the deeper truth.

The video performance is carried out in a game mode by character transforming different specific scenes. Combining the cross-media forms of physical theatre, multi-medium installation and “fashion show”, the video performance discusses the degradation of contemporary people to technological fetishism, body consumption and self-objectification illusion.

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Dramaturg & director | Yujie Cao
Cooperation literary adaptation | Yanjun Wang
Planning/production | Juntong Zhou, Yanjun Wang
Production | Yin Fan
Space | JIN Space
Director of photography | Yujie Cao
Performance | Yongqi Yang, Biyun Jiang, Ke Chen, xinran shi, Xing Zhang, Tong Cui, Yi Zhou, Jiarui Pan, Yanjun Wang
Sound design | Xuan Liu
Interaction design |  Xuan Chen
Animation design | Su Jin
Costume design | Rane Jiang, Yixin Lin, Yifan Tao, Mingmei Zhou, Simu Wang
Clothing assistant | Shiwen Gu, Suhong Dong
Makeup | Jingjing Mao, Huan Wang
Site assistant | Mengfan Wu,  Juntong Zhou, Wenchao Ding
Editing | Liangjie Li, Yujie Cao
Special effect | Liangjie Li
Coloring | Yujie Cao

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