Ju Xiaowen: Two her, 2021

Magazine: iWeekly

Jewelry Brand: Harry Winston

Director: Yujie Cao

Supermodel: Xiaowen Ju

Style: Sharon Chiu

Music: Wey Wu


Mandarin: Their sound, 2021

Magazine: Numéro China

Feature: Mandarin

Production: Alain DeRoche

Producer and Image: Sharon Chiu

Video: Yilin

Editing: Yujie Cao

Music: Nikko Gu

Hairstyle: Kim

Makeup: Mountain Guo

Garment Assistant: Daito, 77, Chunshang


Numéro China: 10th anniversary film, 2020

Magazine | Numéro China

Image director | Sharon Chiu

Photographer | Yujie Cao

Makeup | Clive - X

Hairstyle | John-Zhang Minghu

Model | PAN Haowen, CHUN Jin, JIANG Ruiqi, TANG He, LI Shuping, YE Riqun, HUA Yilan, GU Haizhu, LIU Bingbing, CAI Guanan

Production | mountains, SaViaTang

Editing / post-production | Yujie Cao

Music | Liu Xuan, Gu Shiwen

As a critical point, "10" can be used as a type unit to expand the infinite possibilities of contemporary diverse women; As a unit of time, it also carries the past and the future. Like the seven-li incense sung by Cai Guanan at the end of the film, it recalls the youth memory of the post-90s generation. The video ends with the girls running to where they are, glowing with the glow of a new age, looking forward to each other's next decade.