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University of the arts London, London, UK                                                                                                                          2019-2021

Master of Fine art, Performance design and practice

Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China                                                                                                                    2015-2019

Bachelor of Arts, The theory of Fine Arts


Film festival

Awards: 4th Oz Independent Film Festival(unit of dance film)

Nominations: 6th Best Independent Film Award in Japan, 7th Oregon Short Film Festival

Finalists: 9th Athens International Digital Film Festival, 4th Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Fringe! Queer Festival

Semi-finalists: 5th London International Motion picture Awards, Shanghai Pride Film Festival

Performance theatre

2021/06, Physical Theatre "Rooms", Stage designer, Michaelis Theatre, London

2020/11, Trans-media Immersive Theater "ID: F", Chief Director, JIN Space, Nanjing

2020/09, Immersive Physical Theatre"The room between her and her 2.0", Chief Director & Stage designer, Guling Road Art Space, Nanjing

2020/07, Community Theatre "Re-visit Zhabei Park", Performer, McaM, Shanghai

2020/04, Multi-media Dance"Null Hypothesis", Dramaturge, Studio Theatre, London

2019/12, Experimental Physical Theatre, "The room between her and her 1.0", Co-director & Stage designer, White Lab, London

2019/10, Trans-media Physical Theatre, "Containment | Disease", Co-director & Image designer & Dancer, White Lab, London

2018/10, Live Performance"Persona", Chief director, Sanniaocang art space, Nanjing

2017/09, Experimental Theatre "Belief Body", Performer, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing

2017/03, Dai Chenlian "Looking Back with a Smile", Performer, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing

Art exhibition

2021/10, “Orange-red variable”, Curator & Artist, Himalaya Museum, Shanghai

2021/08, “The law of alchemy: Philosophers of stone and the four elements”, Artist, Three shadows photography art space, Beijing 

2021/07,"INSEDE/OUT", Artist,CINEMQ x All Club, Shanghai

2021/01, "Escape from No. 188", Artist, Boyixin Space, Shanghai

2020/12, “MAO” Art Festival, artist, DaWuDing Culture, Nanjing

2020/11, Experimento Bio, Artist, Spain

2018/09, "Movement in Trouble", Creator of video installation, Art Museum/School of Design, Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing

2018/08, “De?Masking” Experimental Theater, Curator & Artist, Beihe Body Theater, Nanjing


2021/10, Labelhood Pioneer Fashion & Art festival, Photographer, Labelhood x Youtopia x Deepmoss, Shanghai

2021/10, Promotional video for costume brand Lisa Chino , director/cinematographer, Lisa Chino, Shanghai

2021/07, Physical performance "CYBERSAPIENS", cinematographer, PEARLONA COMMON ROOM x AAIS, Shanghai

2021/06, promotional video "Harry Winston x Xiaowen Ju", Director& Cinematographer, Magzine "iWeekly", Shanghai

2021/05, Band <Mandarin>'s video, Post-editor, Numéro China fashion magazine, Shanghai

2021/03, Experimental performance video "iD: F", Dramaturge&Direoctor& cinematographer, Made in 295, Nanjing

2020/09, <Ten Girls> Cover's video, Cinematographer, Numéro China fashion magazine, Shanghai

2020/09, Dance video "Sticky", Cinematographer, Tonglu

2020/02, Experimental dacen video "The room beween her and her", Director/Cinematographer, Made in 295, London


2021/11, The performativity and dynamic of theatricalised space, Writer, DoPaMine Art-Tech, Shanghai

2021/10,The medium space in “scroll film”, Writer, Museum of Wu, SuZhou

2021/07,Extension, hybridization and internet terminal: post-human body presentation in contemporary performance, Writer, CSM of UAL, London

2019/07,Cultural hybridization in dance, Writer, London 

2019/05,A study on the viewing Angle of Cindy Sherman's cross-dressing selfie photography, Writer, Nanjing

2018/06, Involved in the "watching" of social environment, the multiple construction of artist's identity, Writer, N Vision, Nanjing

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