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De?masking: Selected Work


2018, Nanjing

Installation (3m x 1.5m x 9 polyester gauze curtain, 5 x multimedia multi-screen projection image)

Looping, color, HD 1080p

Social platforms are meant to be presentation-only platforms. Because of the participatory interaction of human beings, the interaction and dissemination of information will occur after the media. In the communication flow of social network, there are many "screens" watched by multiple individuals, which are in a state of transtransparency, both projection and screening. It has a huge negative space between two opposites, with different "viewers" intervening and projecting each other.

The contents of the projected images are all sampled from the social network, and they are about some public opinion events that have attracted high attention in China in recent years. The content selection seems to hide some specific directivity, but in fact, it is only through grasping the explosive information source to reshape this state. Finally, the image is "decoded" in a quantified data state, and the source of the event is also covered in the dislocation of the disordered audio track.

"Watching" is no longer a one-way behavior. In communication, viewers both assume the two-way roles of output and input. The behavior of "watching" gives different logic to information transmission. It does not only cause parallax or malformed image, but tends to be an incomplete fragment in the process of information flow generation and operation mechanism reoperation. Processed information gradually breaks away from the original context and its directivity becomes more and more blurred.

Cooperate with Beihe Body Theatre

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