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Limitans 2: Selected Work

Limitians 2

2018, Nanjing

Image installation (6m x 6m non-woven cloth, 2 x projector, suspended by fishing line)

Looping, color, HD 1080p

To explore the living state of human spiritual field in contemporary information flow.

The concept of the boundary membrane is derived from biology and provides a two-way interaction of infiltration and isolation for the mutual intervention of cell life. There are also several layers of invisible "membrane" between people. The work aims to simulate the living state of individual mental field in the information environment. As the spiritual medium of information flow, it controls the space distance in emotional consciousness.

The audience, through the glass door, seems to be "watching" an interactive "drama" of people and information. The glass door is like a transparent but impenetrable "membrane" or "screen". This way of "seeing" is both transparent and isolated. Are we seeing information or being controlled by information?

Cooperate with Juxiang Chen, dancer Qili Yi & Jinyi Zhao

Supported by The academy of design of Nanjing University of The Arts

Limitans 2: Projects
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