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Film | Performance |  Photography

Auto-filling, Auto-submission

Writer, published on FlexPrin, Shanghai, 2022/01

The performativity and dynamic of theatricalised space

Writer, published on DoPaMine Art-Tech, Shanghai, 2021/11

The medium space in “scroll film”

Writer, published on Museum of Wu, SuZhou, 2021/10

Extension, hybridization and internet terminal: post-human body presentation in contemporary performance

Writer, Published on Central Saint Martin of UAL, London, 2021/07

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Writing: Press

Cultural hybridization in dance

Writer, London, 2019/07

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A study on the viewing Angle of Cindy Sherman's cross-dressing selfie photography

Writer, published on Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, 2019/05

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Involved in the "watching" of social environment, the multiple construction of artist's identity

Writer, published on N Vision, Nanjing, 2018/06

Writing: Press
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