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X Y?: Selected Work

X Y ? 

LGBTQ+ image project

2017, Nanjing

Cooperate with Yawen Gu

For this project, I recruited girls who attempt to explore their sexual orientation or question their own genders.

When we talk about our own sexual orientation, what are we really talking about? Heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality are all labels that we utilize to definite ourselves. However, the label will produce an effect on our identity recognition which tells us who I am, what the difference and similarity between other individuals and I, and which group I belong to. And the process of identity recognition will satisfy our demands of sense of existence and belonging.

We ourselves have always felt anxious about our own identity, if not, it exists in a flash. Who am I? Am I “her” or “him”? What is our identity? And what is my understanding of it?

We try to separate all the viewer from their identities of different social groups, and drive them in the "bathroom" which stands for a "being peeped" perspective.They are in the same state as the characters in a closed space: discovering themselves in the relative marginalization and isolation . The difference between the viewers and characters is that the viewers are taking a look at their self-reflection of individual self-identity from the sexual orientation perspective.

The loss of our identity recognition is from others incomprehensible view and personal confusion and fear. Thus, we try to make all lesbians, and even including the out-group, understand the special individual condition and emotion,and we also hope that everyone in the out-group can rethink profoundly and re-explore themselves for their identity,which is also our concept and starting point.


Much as there may be limitation, we are brave enough.

X Y?: Projects
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